This is my entry for The Very First Extra Credits Game Design Jam. 

The theme for this game jam was:

This game was made in under 48 hours. This game was made in 2018 during the weekend of August 17-August 19. Most of the game was made by me, but some assets from Unity Technologies from the Unity Asset Store were used in this game.


Game Made By:


Game Developer:

Devang Bhatnagar

External Assets Were Given From Unity Technologies

Development log


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how do you get money and stuff?

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Click the Next Turn button. During some turns, the player may randomly be able to get money.


oh, ok thanks! i guess you just have to get lucky


That minigame is killing me. Perhaps the controls should be more responsive.
The idea is great though.^^


It's a little bit hard to play through it.  Getting hit by thieves multiple times in a row in the early game seems to really make it feel a bit unfair.  Perhaps provide some way to defend against thieves, or some mini game to handle them?  Overall a good game, with a strong core and a good foundation.  Just overly RNG dependent in my opinion.  Great to see you making more games though yet :)   Looking forward to seeing future updates of this game (I know some games can start out really rough at first, but if the concept is strong and you keep improving it you can make something awesome... I hope, lol.  Our game still isn't polished up yet either). In any case, it is a fun game.  I can't wait to see where you take it.  Hopefully we will have a newer build of ours too.  

-Keep making games,