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Players, welcome to a new and innovative strategy game! In this strategy game, you play as a commander that commands his armies in order to defeat enemy bases filled with defenses. Destroy all the defenses with all the troops you have or suffer defeat if all your troops are killed!

Gameplay Summary:
In this game, players are raiders that look for bases to invade and destroy. First, players will try to find a perfect randomly generated base to raid. Then, to start a skirmish, players select unit types and deploy troops. Troops will then automatically go and attack the nearest enemy towards them. Enemies also attack troops nearest to them. To win, the troops must destroy all the enemies in the battlefield. If all the troops in the battle are killed by enemies, the player fails. 

How to Play:

1. First, find the perfect base to fight. If not satisfied with the current base,
you can select another randomly generated base by clicking the "Find another target" button on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

2. Select a troop type on the right side of the screen by clicking on an icon. Selected unit will have a white border.

3. Click multiple times on or outside of the red area shown on the battlefield to deploy troops of the troop type selected. One troop spawns per each click. The number of troops that are available to spawn is shown on the top left hand side of the screen. 

4. Troops automatically move to the nearest defensive unit towards them and
 attack the enemy.  Defenses also fight the troops nearest to them too.

5. To win, all the defenses must be destroyed. You lose when all your troops get 
killed by the defensive units.

6. To learn about essential information about the differences in troop types and defenses, please see the troops/defenses information panel.

This game was made by D-Studios. For more games made by D-Studios, see these important links:

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